Julee Cox LMHC - Company Message

About Me:
Thanks for taking time to learn a little bit more about me and the ways that I can serve you.

My name is Julee Cox and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Clinical Supervisor.  But you could also call me a recovery advocate, a relationship re-builder, and a negative body thoughts transformer.   

I help individuals who dream about ending the chaos in their lives but hold themselves back because they believe that they're unworthy and don't deserve to be happy.  I guide them through their lives, from the past to the present, to uncover and identify their behavior and thinking patterns so they are able to understand why they do what they do and then choose to change what isn't working. 

I know from my own personal wellness journey (in addition to working almost 25 years with the most awe-inspiring and extraordinary individuals), that change is hard, especially when you've grown up immersed in it or are currently engulfed in chaos now.  You might feel that there's something wrong with you, possibly that you feel broken.  Although change can be difficult, scary and frustrating at times, I need you to know that it is completely possible.  You can regain control of your life, you can become abstinent from drugs and alcohol, you can stop the binge and purge cycle, and you can spend time with your significant other without arguing (and enjoy it too!). 

I would like to help start you on your journey to having the life you've always wanted but never thought possible.  Because you have a voice, you matter, and you deserve it.  And that's why I look forward to hearing from you -- let's start getting to know each other.