Julee Cox LMHC - Company Message

               Welcome to My Practice 

Are you trying to balance a life engulfed with stress and chaos where you feel like your head's spinning? You've tried countless ways to make your relationship better, become sober from drugs and alcohol, or stop bingeing and purging, but nothing's worked.  After trying to fix this on your own for what seems like lifetime, you've started to feel like no one understands anything about your life or what you're going through.  You're feeling powerless and just don't know what to do anymore. 

I know that trying to cope and fix any personal problem isn't easy; it can be tedious and frustrating.  It can feel overwhelming when you're trying to take care of daily responsibilities in addition to trying to cope with the consequences of being in an unhappy relationship, using drugs or alcohol, or having an eating disorder.  Sometimes it feels insurmountable.  You're not alone: I'm here to help you climb this mountain.  Working together, we'll figure out healthy ways for you to cope and help you with your recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and eating disorders.  You'll learn new ways to communicate with your significant other allowing your relationship to improve.  And as this occurs. stability begins to come back into your life.  As you feel empowered, you'll be able to take back your power from powerlessness.  

My office provides a safe space and warm atmosphere that encourages recovery, restoration, and renewal.  I provide individual and couples therapy and am located in Delray Beach, Florida, just East of Federal Highway.  You can find me at: 

          1045 East Atlantic Avenue
Suite 205
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(954) 260-4080

You have a voice, you matter and you deserve to live a life free of chaos.  That's why I look forward to hearing from you today to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.